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CobotConcept is based on a business association of three companies with one vision - to actively shape our future production environments. They have made it their mission to create feasible solutions for Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) and thus to generate a significant added value for enterprises, humans and the society. Based on their individual knowledge and expertise, Strama-MPS, FANUC and roeren - three companies, which have entered into a long-term business collaboration - will be able to establish best-practice implementation projects and to set new standards for research, development and the resulting applications, all of which will, one day, be considered essential elements of the fourth industrial revolution.




The three partners in the CobotConcept cooperation stand for the 360-degree-expertise required for the analysis, design and integration of the highest state-of-the art HRC-systems.

Strama-MPS - system integrators, concept designers, automation engineers

In their role as system integrator for automation solutions Strama-MPS have always made it their priority to develop specific and tailor-made applications and to implement these custom-fit solutions in the users’ production processes as best as possible. More than ever, HRC-applications provide an alternative to complex work processes which cannot do without the human touch.

Strama-MPS is ready to meet one of the new challenges of the digital age - how to allow for an appreciative and respectful integration and interfacing of human services into an automated environment. As system integrators, Strama-MPS have access to a solution portfolio of already implemented HRC-applications and are, thus, well prepared to tackle the specific subjects arising in connection with the integration of this technology.

FANUC - robot specialists

The collaborative robots designed by FANUC, the world’s leading manufacturer for workshop automation, offer a maximum of flexibility, work ergonomics and a wide range of installation variants. FANUC offers the largest portfolio in the field of HRC-robots which stand for higher quality and maximum repeatability.

They control force with more precision than any operator. With their large variant of different load capacities and their ultimate range these robots generate a significant added value for your processes. The FANUC Hand Guidance function is available for all FANUC HRC-robots, it allows teach-in of paths and supports the lifting of parts up to 35 kg.

roeren - Berater, Projektmanager

You want to find out which measures for your production set-up are reasonable and target-oriented to generate added value? Then talk to roeren GmbH - we are the experts! As consultants with a high level of expertise in production technology and a close affinity to higher education institutes roeren GmbH is able to combine vast experience with the latest knowledge in engineering

to best support manufacturing companies when it comes to system selection and benefit analysis. With an independent set-up and international networks roeren GmbH sees excellent chances for tomorrow’s industrial production by being able to prepare even more clever HRC-solutions.

In an initial analysis potential use cases in a manufacturing company are examined closely during an all-day workshop. As a result and after only a short time, we will be able to give you an expert implementation recommendation including benefit and profitability analyses. What often takes weeks in a conventional setting, can be achieved onsite within only one day by our CobotConcept expert team. Moreover, all technical and economic questions can be clarified directly thanks to the immediate involvement of the future users.

The CobotConcept analysis workshop is:


because all methods and data sets used for the assessment of application scenarios are presented openly and can be verified and adjusted, if necessary in case of new requirements.


because it is a fact that a company thinking about how to possibly implement automation solutions without actually having a plan, will lose a massive amount of resources every day during this so-called phase of “chewing-over”.


because all results will be made available in form of a compact but comprehensive report for your perusal thus allowing you to reach well-founded decisions in future.


because everything we recommend can immediately be realized by the CobotConcept partners.

well substantiated

because all the experts essential for the assessment, design and implementation of the project will be part of the team of analysts.


because no recommendations for HRC-solutions will be given unless they provide a tangible and quantifiable benefit - free-riding HRC showbiz is a time of the past!

Three strong partners will accompany and support you during this 1-day workshop:

  • Strama-MPS your experts for integration and automation.
  • FANUC your experts for robot components.
  • roeren your experts for consulting, situational assessment and documentation.
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Contact Person
Thomas Guggeis

Head of Robotics, Simulation & Vision