Vision Systems

Ever more complex processes and increased requirements in process control require advanced sensor technology. Camera systems offer contactless, flexible solutions for measuring systems, component testing and quality assurance.

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Design stage

From the design stage onwards our Technology Unit will support you in the configuration of vision systems and barcode readers. Our considerations do not only include the camera itself but we make it a point to also look at costs, lighting, optics, working distance, installation position and surface conditions.

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Engineering stage

  • Programming of e.g. Cognex InSight
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Commissioning stage

  • First-time commissioning and setting up of
  • Commissioning support
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Machine Vision

Camera systems are the eyes of a machine. They can be widely used - starting from simple presence checks to complex measuring tasks. Camera systems are able to read plain text and bar codes. At the same time, they can also be used to carry out important quality control tests such as wobble circumference, contour or surface testing. Their main focus is always on the interaction of light, optics and software.

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After Sales

  • System training
Contact Persons
Contact Persons
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Timo Bösl

Software Engineer