CobotConcept is based on a merger of three companies that shape the vision of actively shaping the production of tomorrow.


The mission is to generate applicable solutions in human-robot collaboration (HRC) and to offer significant added value for companies, people and society.


With the competences of the three companies Strama-MPS, FANUC and roeren, which have joined forces in a long-term cooperation, it will be possible to establish best-practice implementations and set new standards in research, development and applications, which will be considered an essential building block of the fourth industrial revolution.

Strama-MPS - system integrator, conceptor, automator

As an integrator of automation solutions, Strama-MPS has always been focused on developing specific and custom-fit applications and implementing them in a production process in the best possible way for the users. More than ever, MRK applications are an alternative for complex work processes that cannot do without human performance.


The economic and appreciative integration of humans into an automated environment is becoming one of the new challenges of the digital age that Strama-MPS is facing. With already implemented MRK applications as part of its range of solutions, Strama-MPS is well prepared as a system integrator and for the specific issues of this technology integration.

roeren - consultant, project manager

Identifying which measures in production lead to added value in a sensible and targeted manner is the essential core competence of roeren GmbH. As a production engineering and university-related consulting company, roeren GmbH combines experience and engineering knowledge to support manufacturing companies in the selection and benefit assessment of systems. Independent and internationally networked, roeren GmbH sees great opportunities for the industrial production of the future in the preparation of clever MRK implementations.

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