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Strama Line Data Server - Strama Anywhere

A networked production is often self-organizing. Its fuel is the data recorded during the production process and the information gained from it. They form the basis for fault analysis and for process and machine optimization. The Technology Unit offers customized solutions for connecting your machines and analyzing their data.

Strama LineDataServer

The production process generates countless data. The Strama LineDataServer allows you to record your machine and operating data. It also communicates with your Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The Strama LineDataServer is a local system for your machine. It acts as an superordinate structure for the PLCs. Communication can be monitored in real-time via a graphical

user interface (GUI). All the information the PLCs need for machine operation, e.g. workpiece carrier or type data information are stored locally in the Strama LineDataServer. Machine and operating data of the production process are also stored in the database.

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Contact Persons
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Roland Billmeier

Head of Standards & Development