Measuring Applications

Software development in the field of measuring and testing technology

Measuring technology, together with control technology, is an essential element of the automation technology. As a specialist in this field we develop individual and comprehensive measurement software applications.


Our Technology Unit offers complete solutions in the field of measuring and testing technology. Fully equipped, modern measuring cabinets with installed test software are developed and manufactured according to customer requirements. The user-friendly interface with its various additional functions allows closer monitoring of the process flow in order to be able to respond early to faults.  Detailed fault data, graphical representation of curves, statistical diagrams, recipe management, parametrization, etc. are available on the measuring computer and can also be observed and set during production. Depending on the requirements, the results on the measuring computer can be output in a log or communicated to a higher-level control system through a defined interface. In this way, your production still gets a little more transparent and SMARTER.

Evaluation of raw data

The measurement and evaluation software provides many functions for the acquisition and evaluation of measured data as well as for a complex control.


To obtain significant results of the data available from the sensor, it is necessary that these are processed by means of a specifically developed algorithm. The mechanical and electrical background for possible fault accumulations at the raw value recording is also thoroughly checked and integrated into the program code.


Measured variables:

Force, displacement, torque, rotation angle, temperature, pressure, etc.