Automation technology

Automation solutions for mechanics

Our machines and systems are designed for maximum product quality, performance and system availability. We achieve this with scalability, modularity and the full range of fully automated processes. We produce assembly and test lines for many different high-quality and novel mechanical components, such as:

High-pressure fuel injection valve

An injection needle is a high-precision component used in an injection system. Strama-MPS produces highly-automated machines for the assembly of such injection needles which optimally fulfill our customer’s high quality standards. Our machines are able to achieve highest precision (µm) in aligning a partially coated ball over the centroid of an area by means of high-precision camera systems and by subsequently laser welding the ball onto the needle. All process data are filed and evaluated by the MES in accordance with current Industry 4.0 standards.

Cam shaft

Our assembly and testing machines for both standard cam shafts as well as for sliding cam shafts stand out due to their high technical availability. Depending on the concept required, we can offer quick changeover systems or fully automated assembly machines which do not require any changeover at all for both Otto or Diesel engines. Thanks to our perfectly synchronized assembly, testing and component feed systems, we are able to present solutions with cycle times of less than 30 seconds.


  • Handling of a multitude of different types without changeover being required
  • Specific automatic component feed system
  • Force-path controlled assembly processes
  • Integrated oiling, pressing, measuring and marking processes
  • Flexible parts removal and reworking concepts
  • High traceability by connection to MES

Pneumatic cylinder

A wide variety of pneumatic cylinders can be produced in a large scale. Our fully-automated, highly flexible assembly machine can be divided into three sections. Our linear transfer conveyors are equipped with direct drives and reduce nonproductive time (changeover of workpiece carriers) to a minimum. The central master MES controls each and any movement within the line. Fully-automatic component feed systems using cameras and robots are used to meet the requirements of a wide range of parts which need to be handled. All implemented processes such as joining, pressing, greasing, screw-fitting, roller-burnishing, gluing and press-fitting are designed to be highly flexible.


Ball valve

This assembly and testing machine is designed to interface with a machining center but also allows for manual loading by the operator. The line is designed for a wide variety of assembly techniques such as gluing, screw-fitting, greasing, joining and O-ring assembly. In combination with the respective quality testing processes (glue quantity test, leakage testing, torque testing) our machine is able to ensure optimum product quality for our customers. The manufacturing process is completed by the subsequent packing process.


The assembly and testing machine is a highly effective machine which can be used for a wide range of products. A continuous and uninterrupted quality monitoring is achieved by the combination of a force-displacement monitoring carried out during the highly dynamic joining processes and a subsequent leakage test. A linear interface to the upstream machining center and the downstream packing unit, which forms the end of the line, allows for the manufacture of a ready-to-ship product without any outside logistics being required.

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