Innovative electric drive concepts improve driving dynamics. They will revolutionize driving experience as well as automotive engineering. We provide the necessary assembly technology.

Compared to combustion engines, electric drives are simple and cost-effective components. This will lead to increased competition in this segment, decentralization of production and further modularization in the automotive industry. This calls for innovative concepts that combine profitability, flexibility, quality and precision. 

Our turnkey assembly lines for e-axles, e-motors, stators and rotors offer our customers this combination. Due to relatively high standardization in this segment, we are able to guarantee the shortest project and delivery times. We offer design, construction, production and commissioning of all production processes for e-motor and e-axle assembly with our well-known Strama-MPS quality.

Assembly lines for e-motor

Assembly lines for e-axles

Assembly lines for stators

Demands to power density and system weight are becoming increasingly higher. Therefore, an agile and innovative engineering in motor development is also required. The power potential of stators can be significantly increased using new winding methods and the pin technology with rectangular wires. We can provide you with the assembly and connection technology. Processes, such as the stripping of copper wires, the twisting of pins or the contacting by means of ultrasonic laser bonder or wire bonder, have been completely automated. We also specifically design impregnation machines for your products and integrate them seamlessly into the production line.

Assembly lines for rotors

Basic requirement for a high-quality rotor production is the reliable supply and fitting of the stacks with magnets. Shafts and rotors are assembled in our production lines under strict quality control. The components are fixed by means of specifically designed joining technol­ogies, such as bolting, gluing and pressing. Balancing is carried out fully automatically – as option, an additive or subtractive process. Magnetizing is individually adaptable. Even functional tests, e.g. of the press-out forces, the balance quality or the magnetization, are integrated by us into the process according to your needs.

Assembly scheme of a high-performance stator

Example of a rotor assembly line

The Strama-MPS Service

Individual assembly concept for your application

We develop an individual assembly concept for your product with an optimally adapted logistics solution.

Worldwide 24/7 service

Our service is available for you around the clock, seven days a week. Our locations in Germany, China, USA and Mexico guarantee short reaction times as well as local contacts around the world.

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