Equipment installation

Flexible, efficient and competent.

With our installation services we provide you worldwide support to install all equipment components and peripheral units. No matter whether we are to assist your installation team with personnel or whether you place an order with us for the equipment installation as overall package including site organization.

Of course, we also take care of the media installation as well as the installation of safety fences helping you to avoid unnecessary interfaces on site.

Our range of services in the sector equipment installation:

  • Layout view incl. data processing
  • Fixture assembly
  • Positioning of all equipment components
  • Installation of robots incl. accessories and tools
  • Installation and adjusting of fixtures and other equipment components on site
  • Installation of steel constructions and precision steel constructions
  • Integration of fixture modifications incl. measuring and tuning
  • Media installation of all kind
  • Installation of safety fence
  • Start-up and production support
  • Optimization of equipment and fixtures
  • Integration of derivatives and modifications also in equipment already used in production

Contact Persons

Hubert Himmelsto├č

COO BU Body in White

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Gerhard Steinkirchner

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Markus Jahn

Head of Project Management & Sales

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