Quality and Environment

Certified quality and environmental awareness in the manufacturing industry

As a manufacturing company for the dynamic automotive industry and its suppliers, we have a special responsibility for the quality of our products and processes as well as for the preservation of our environment.

Therefore, sustainability and environmental, social as well as economic responsibility are fixed components of our business activities.

Strama-MPS offers its customers quality standards going far beyond the general requirements

We want to make products and provide services as expected by the customer. Our products and processes are therefore subject to precisely defined process and test steps aiming for the continuous improvement process.

For consistently supplying our customer with high quality products, the improvement process at Strama-MPS is supported by various methods such as process optimization, advanced quality planning, quality and environmental management as well as internal audits. It is also our intention to achieve a cooperation with our customers based on mutual trust by adherence to external and customer-oriented quality standards.

Total Quality Management (TQM) at Strama-MPS: We permanently ensure best quality

As manufacturing specialists we have specific principles of action anchored in our corporate policy by which all employees of our company are concerned. After all, it is important that in all functional areas during the order processing – from project planning to the use of our products – errors are avoided and sources of error rigorously eliminated.

As a result, not only the product quality is improved, but also the steady cost increase for personnel, capital and material is countered. In this way, we want to improve our company’s competitiveness and also be a reliable and flexible partner for our customers.


In order to meet these requirements we have incorporated a comprehensive quality and environmental management system. It complies with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 international standards and the requirements of the VDA 6.4:2017 automotive industry guideline, and is integrated and used across the entire company.

Environmental management

We take responsibility for the future

Our economic activity is based on sustainability, integrating environmental factors into our business decisions in a forward-looking, voluntary and systematic manner. Due to a reduced resource consumption, we protect our environment and achieve cost savings. At Strama-MPS, we act according to the principles of the ISO 14001 standard. It is our goal to promote environmental protection and to prevent environmental impacts in accordance with economic, legal, social and political requirements. 


Cornerstones of our environmental policy

  • Avoiding excessive resource consumption
  • Reducing environmentally harmful actions
  • Taking responsibility for the future



    Management responsibility

    The Management makes sure that the goals conform to the environmental policy of the company. The employees get informed about the environmental management objectives on a notice board, by Email or by presentations. Furthermore, the Management is responsible that the environmental targets are achieved in stages through proper implementation in the offices and workshops. 


    Principles of our environmental policy

    • Promoting and raising the level of environmental awareness and sense of responsibility
    • Motivating employees with respect to environmental protection
    • Compliance with all environmental and occupational safety laws & regulations as well as local regulations
    • Improvement in working conditions of our employees as well as continuous adjustment of the working conditions relating to occupational safety within the company
    • Reduction of waste and saving of raw materials and resources
    • Reduction of environmental impacts by using appropriate manufacturing processes as well as emergency and preventive measures
    • Progress not only as part of the quality management but also with regard to environmental protection