Automation technology





Automated component removal directly from pallet with multiple tray or KLT stacks and subsequent destacking of emptied trays or KLTs onto pallet.



  1. Pallets are driven in
  2. Separation of a tray or KLT from the stack
  3. Removal of a component from tray or KLT
  4. Placing of a component on the conveyor belt
  5. Unstacking of an empty tray or KLT on pallet in several stacks


  • Cycle time: up to 9 seconds per component
  • Over-spring crash detection in the gripper
  • Pallet can be fed by forklift or AGV
  • Conveyor belt with electrically adjustable track width (adaptable to component)
  • Manual loading and unloading of components possible via feed opening
  • Camera-supported position detection to compensate for position tolerance of trays or KLTs
Contact Persons
Contact Persons
Dominik Pelg

Head of Project

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