Automation technology


We are one of the 10 leading German automation specialists. Automation and assembly & testing technology for complex components and products is our key skill.  For decades, the automotive and supplier industries, as well as the medical, energy and electrical engineering sectors, have relied on highly efficient and precise automation and assembly solutions developed by Strama-MPS. We have developed our technology, system and process know-how over decades and in numerous challenging projects. On this basis, we realize even the most complex tasks and requirements - from partially automated work systems to fully automated complete solutions including integrated testing technology.

Integrable processes


  • clinching
  • rolling and tumbling 
  • riveting and beading 
  • ioining and pressing 
  • inductive soldering 
  • bolting
  • plastic injection moulding
  • bonding
  • riveting or hot gas stamping
  • screwing 
  • welding: laser welding, friction welding, ultrasonic welding, butt welding with heat reflectors (plastic), resistance welding, inert gas-shielded welding 


  • light, pressure, force, distances (pneumatic or electric)
  • acceleration, torque, weight, sound, magnetism, voltage
  • current, resistance, tightness, flow rate, temperature, pressure, optics, volume
  • image processing 


  • leak test, calibration, optical tests, also sharpness test
  • high voltage test, function test, loading of firmware (flashing)
  • electrical test (e.g. resistance/voltage test)


  • bending
  • plasma cleaning
  • laser cleaning
  • depaneling
  • EOL contacting


  • greases
  • oils
  • glues
  • sealing compounds


  • laser marking
  • label printing
  • scratching



The best solution for our customers


Digital data is the key to success in sustainable, modern production. Process, operating and machine data are recorded and evaluated in near real time via an integrated MES system. By networking and digitizing our production facilities with the integrated systems and components, including logistics facilities, maximum plant productivity is achieved. Centrally collected and evaluable machine data make it easier for process engineers and maintenance personnel to monitor production, systematically optimize processes, and safely use deployed systems and components throughout their full life cycle. A real added value for our customers.


We are your one-stop shop for planning, design and layout of the entire process chain including catenation of all stations and optimization of the material flow. The results are convincing: Highest possible output and flexibility, maximum availability and minimum space requirements thanks to a perfect line layout.


Our lines are designed for maximum output and for cycle times which can be perfectly adjusted to your processes. No matter your strategy: You will be impressed by the high system availability of our machines.

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COO Automation Technology

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COO Automation Technology

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Head of Project

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