Automation technology

Automation solutions for mechatronics

The new technologies of the future already require intelligent solutions today. Our lines therefore integrate networked assembly and testing concepts and ensure the highest quality with maximum availability and flexibility. We produce assembly and test lines for many different high-quality and novel mechatronic components, such as:

Current tripping device

Our assembly lines for current tripping devices are complex rapid-cycle machines with circulating workpiece carriers. Automatic palletizing systems as well as step feeders and vibrating spiral conveyors are used for feeding and discharging of the workpiece. The assembly machines allow for implementation of the following processes: Wire flaming with hydrogen flame, laser welding, TIG welding, TIG soldering, resistance welding, spring force testing, testing of the trigger characteristics, force measurement, thermal ageing, inductive ageing. The machine can be set up for a wide variety of component types and allows for the manufacturing of one piece of a kind only just as well as for large-scale production and thus provides maximum flexibility for our customers.

Safety circuit breaker

Our highly flexible assembly and testing machines are used to assemble a wide range of safety circuit breakers which are then individually set up and tested. A skillful integration of manual workstations also allows for the production of customized small series and/or emergency production. Synchronization and dynamic adjustment processes can minimize product tolerances resulting from individual part variances.


Quick workpiece carrier changeover times and gap determination as an inline process are the highlights of our DC-drive assembly machines. High-precision solenoid drives can be produced in very short cycle times thanks to individual upsetting and magnetizing processes. The machines integrate perfectly into our customer’s fully-automatic logistics systems.

AC / DC contactor

Our assembly machines for safety circuit breakers stand out due to their high flexibility when it comes to manufacturing individual components and their need to be changed over for the manufacture of non-standard components only; additionally, they feature fully automatic component feed systems and a completely autonomous quality monitoring system.

Pressure control valve

Assembly of high-pressure control valves requires a detailed know-how of complex joining processes with residual air gap of only a few thousandth of a millimeter. Besides assembly tasks in the classical sense our machines also carry out the required testing tasks such as the setting of a pressure/flow rate curve or performing a leakage test; in addition they also transmit quality data to the customer’s in-house master computer system.

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