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Trainee excursion: Croatia

Recently, our new trainees from Strama-MPS and AuE Kassel embarked on a three-day trainee trip together with their training supervisors! We set off early in the morning with the destination: Multinorm - our subsidiary in Croatia.


After arriving safely in eastern Croatia, we travelled to the two sites the following day:

First to Gradiste - where our trainees were given a factory tour of the administration building, production, warehouse and dispatch. They then travelled on to Cerna. We visited the state-of-the-art plant there and were given a detailed insight into the welding and paint shop.


After lunch together at the company, sightseeing was planned for the afternoon. The programme included a guided tour of the city of Vukovar and a visit to a museum. During the city tour, our trainees visited a water tower from whose viewing platform they had a great view over the city and the Danube next to it.


They rounded off the exciting day with a delicious dinner accompanied by music from their Croatian colleagues.


The following morning, they travelled back to Straubing and Kassel - with valuable impressions and new acquaintances in their luggage in the spirit of the synergies of the Strama Group.


P.S.: Multinorm doo has been manufacturing and designing devices, tools and systems for the automotive industry since it was founded in 1998. In addition to the two plants in Croatia, Multinorm also has a service location in Osterhofen (Multinorm GmbH) and has been a full member of our group of companies since 2023.