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Train The Trainer

The continuous improvement of our training programme and the quality of our training courses are of great importance to us. This is why we recently trained the 12 specialist trainers at our StramACADEMY in methodology and didactics.


Under the motto "Moving YOUR Limits", our colleagues completed exciting and instructive training days to become "Certified Specialist Trainers IHK", focussing on, among other things


  • Teaching action competence
  • Effective method chains
  • Learning control loops
  • Transfer assurance and support after the training
  • Identification of learning types
  • Participant typology
  • Participant-orientated communication in training

One of these modules was even carried out specifically by our StramACADEMY. You can find an insight into our employee training programmes at



We would particularly like to thank our trainers for their continuous commitment to employee and customer training and their openness to new methods and ideas, which allows us to constantly improve!