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"Inspire by doing" - Strama-MPS inspires elementary school students of the elementary school Kirchroth for technology

Together with the Alois-Reichenberger primary and secondary school, Strama-MPS Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG started a new round of SET - Pupils Discover Technology.


For this purpose, the two trainees of the Straubing-based special machine builder Anja Schuhbauer and Alexander Mühlbauer literally visited the 4th grade students with a suitcase in their luggage and gave a (safety) introduction to the tasks contained therein.


The total of twelve suitcases are to be explored over six afternoons and the electronic kits, including an LED flashlight, an interchangeable flasher and a siren, are to be made. At the end of the course, the workpieces may be taken home by the children.

This is a great project initiated by TfK - Technik für Kinder e.V. (Technology for Children), which enables children to playfully discover the exciting world of technology by doing it themselves.


Strama-MPS is curious to see how the children do in the next courses and is looking forward to the final workpieces!