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Strama-MPS thanks 36 employees for a total of 540 years of company loyalty

Traditionally, at the end of the year, the jubilarians of Strama-MPS received their appreciative recognition for their many years of service to the company and their commitment.


Due to the Corona pandemic and the associated exit restrictions, however, the honoring could not take place in the usual setting during a joint ceremony. Instead, all employees were presented with their honorary certificates and a letter of thanks from the management personally by their respective department heads. The employees with 25 and 40 years of service were also presented with a silver medal. The traditional ceremony at the Hotel Asam in a relaxed atmosphere will be held again as soon as it is possible.


This year, a total of 36 employees were honored for their many years of loyalty to the company. Two employees received their well-deserved recognition for 40 years of service. Both started their professional career with an apprenticeship at Strama-MPS and are still with the company today. Eight employees were honored for 25 years of company loyalty and another 26 for their ten years of service.


Of the total of 36 employees celebrating their jubilee, 13 completed their training at Strama-MPS. In the course of their professional careers, nine employees have worked their way up to a management position in the company as team leader, site manager, plant manager or head of. One of the works council members - Hermann Schmuck - was also honored this year for his ten years of service to the company. He started in 2010 as a fitter in the office and field service and has been working for the company as an exempt works council member since 2015.


The management additionally thanked all jubilarians during a virtual works meeting, who have made a great contribution to the development of Strama-MPS with a total of 540 years and will hopefully continue to contribute their gained experience to the company for a long time.



Our jubilarians 2020


Girlinger Jürgen – 10 years

Haimerl Thomas – 10 years

Herrmann Markus – 10 years

Knott Helmut – 10 years

Maier Manuel – 10 years

Mäckl Johann  – 10 years

Obermeier Daniel – 10 years

Pfeilschifter Patricia – 10 years

Sax Franz – 10 years

Schmuck Hermann – 10 years

Adam Julia – 10 years

Berner Mario – 10 years

Heigl Thomas – 10 years

Kammerl Wolfgang – 10 years

Berleb Sabrina – 10 years

Kullus Sebastian – 10 years

Noack Markus – 10 years

Seidel Patrick – 10 years

Weinberger Markus – 10 years

Aiwanger Markus – 10 years

Bauer Bernhard – 10 years

Stumpf Benedikt – 10 years

Zellner Andreas– 10 years

Kutzi Alexander – 10 years

Hainz Daniel – 10 years

Schweiger Franz – 10 years

Labermeyer Paul – 25 years

Wolf Claudia – 25 years

Christoph Andreas – 25 years

Dehn Michael – 25 years

Foidl Peter – 25 years

Hofreiter Ludwig – 25 years

Seufert Michael – 25 years

Wolf Daniel – 25 years

Spranger Manfred – 40 years

Stoiber Otto – 40 years