Test rigs

FZG gear test rig

The FZG gear test rig is a test machine with power circuit. The drive gearbox and the test gearbox are frictionally engaged by two torque shafts (hereinafter only mentioned as shafts). For load application a clutch is provided on shaft 1. The temperature in the test gearbox can be set and controlled. The test rig is driven by an electric motor. The speed is 1500 rpm. The variable-speed test rig allows speeds from 100 rpm to 3000 rpm and two directions of rotation. The load can either be applied by a weight system or with the tension ratchet or with an automatic load system.

Verena Herzog
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Technical Data

Speed range: 0 to 3000rpm

Two directions of rotation

Max. torque: 715Nm

Max. oil temperature: 120°C (dip)/90°C (inject)

Center distance: 91.5mm


Delivered worldwide to more than 200 renowned customers

Standards: ISO 14635, CEC-L-07, IP 334, ASTM D 5182, ASTM D 4998, FVA 243, FVA 54, FVA 2

Option: Slow speed wear

2 oil units possible

Siemens control system with colour LCD

Curve display

All required tools, accessories and test heads available

Short delivery times