Stator assembly line

Stator assembly line

Boundless flexibility by modular design

Strama-MPS offers turnkey and flexible assembly lines for automatic stator assembly.

Thanks to the high degree of standardization employed in our assembly lines the engineering work is reduced to a minimum, thus enabling us to guarantee shortest delivery times.

We offer the design, engineering, manufacturing and start-up of all manufacturing processes for the stator assembly:

Manufacturing processes:

  • Automatic loading and unloading of single and finished parts
  • Folding and inserting insulation paper
  • Stripping, cutting to lengths and joining copper wire
  • Twisting or winding
  • Laser welding and brazing
  • EoL test
  • Impregnation

After the manufacturing process, the finished stator is either packed or can be directly transported to the next assembly process "E-motor assembly".

Product manager e-mobility (powertrain and special test rigs)
Christoph Wolf
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All processes from one source

Modular design

MES connection

Short delivery times