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Strama-MPS trauert um Firmengründer Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Michaelis

With deep grief we have taken note from the Strama-MPS on the 25.4.2014 of the demise of our company founder qualified engineer Alfred Michaelis. Still few weeks ago we have spoken during the opening ceremony of our new work the Danube of his unique construction work for the Strama. Alfred Michaelis has founded a crafts enterprise to the engine repair shortly after the war 1946. For this he acquired his knowledge during an apprenticeship to the fitter between 1929 and 1933. About vocational school, professional Abitur and study he qualified as the mechanical engineer further. With a lot of courage and diligence he built up a tool construction and mechanical engineering enterprise in the agriculturally stamped area. Because certified professional forces were not available in the region Straubing, he began very early with the education of young people. With it he laid the base for lasting, certified growth. Sign-betting and proof of his enterprise foresight was the construction of an apprentice's training centre for vehicle mechanics, machine builder, toolmaker and turner already in 1963. At that time the enterprise already had 120 employees, 1/3 of it were apprentices. With enterprise talent he has developed the company about many stations - from the beginning in the Regensburger street up to the current work 1 in the Ittlinger street - and has sped up. Only at the age of 75 years he withdrew as an active manager. Later he eliminated other 10 years also than companion from his company. Alfred Michaelis was marked by big humanity. Always were in the foreground the welfare of his employees and the work climate. Thus a location of the Strama also had a skittle-alley in the cellar and his private swimming-pool might be used during the breaks on hot days. To support the foundation of a support equipment with the purpose with illness, need and unemployment, it enables down to the present day to employees to help. The life work of Alfred Michaelis will live on. The engine repair A. Michaelis has continued the origins of his crafts enterprise of 1946 under the direction of Mr. Achatz. The Strama-MPS Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, which from the Strama founded in 1969 what stands for Straubing Michaelis Alfred has developed, a successful special machine builder has become. A total of 800 certified employees have topically a sure job and look back thankfully and with respect at the company founder. Qualified engineer Alfred Michaelis, mostly briefly as "a boss" called, was a prominent enterpriser's personality. Already Jean Paul said: "The recollection is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled. "Alfred Michaelis will live on in our memory. What he has built up, has remaining continuance, because we will go on working in the future in his sense and will always preserve to him an honourary memory.