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Strama-MPS honoured as an "#inclusion engine"

Last week, we were honoured to receive the "Inklusionsmotor" gold seal of approval from VdK Deutschland e.V. President and inclusion ambassador Verena Bentele.


Many thanks to the Straubing-based inclusion company Dimetria - VdK gemeinn├╝tzige GmbH!


We have been working together with DimetriaVdK on print and advertising materials for many years and on a wide variety of occasions.


True to its motto "More than a job", Dimetria has been offering full employment to people with mental and/or physical disabilities for 20 years, thus ensuring a lasting improvement in their lives.


We have always been impressed by the quality and service and are proud to make a valuable contribution to inclusion in the world of work through our partnership with Dimetria.


We look forward to continuing our collaboration and to many exciting joint projects!