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Silicon Valley meets Strama-MPS

As part of the Executive MBA program at the THD - Deggendorf University of Technology, we were able to welcome 18 students from Santa Clara University, California.


In this program, senior employees from well-known companies such as Apple, Intel and PayPal go through a process developed by international investors that consists of workshops, seminars and pitch sessions.


Initiated by Prof. Peter Schmieder, the students visited German medium-sized businesses, including our Strama-MPS, during a special program week

After an introduction to our world of special mechanical engineering, the students developed and pitched creative ideas on selected megatrends in relation to the future development of mechanical engineering using the design thinking method.


The final highlight was a keynote by Alveri, an Austrian eMobility startup committed to sustainable mobility. The two brothers and managing directors Ehsan Zadmard, Jakob Zadmard and CTO Kabir Secibovic gave an innovative insight into their mobility services, including their own electric car concept “Falco” and their own autonomous charging robot.


P.S.: Our managing director, Martin Ebner, recently visited the “Valley of Heart's Delight” - we will report on what he experienced there soon!