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Robot Calibration 4.0 by means of iMS System

Automated robot calibration in record time - this is what the iMS System (intelligent measurement system for robots) from ITG innovative technologies GmbH offers. It is the world's first system that enables maximum productivity of automated systems and thus maximum economic benefit through precise robot calibration. It detects deviations in the production process of robots completely autonomously and intervenes before a plant standstill occurs.


Thanks to the expert knowledge of ITG and Strama-MPS, the IMS system could be adapted to the FANUC R-30iB Plus controller in a very short time. In the coming months, we will further optimize the system in partnership with ITG on a FANUC robot cell in our Innovation Lab and present it to our customers. Another important step towards fully autonomous systems of Industry 4.0, which we are taking together.


iMS intelligent Measurement System | Roboterkalibrierung 4.0 (