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Northvolt ↔ StramaGroup - for a sustainable battery industry

Northvolt is recognised as one of Europe's most important companies with a vision to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free future by supplying sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems.


To this end, the Swedish company has expanded into Gdansk, Poland, to operate one of Europe's largest factories for energy storage solutions. The battery module assembly of the battery cells produced in Skellefteå, Sweden, is carried out by systems from our Strama Group.


An extensive Strama team of mechanics, electronics engineers and specialists from all areas of expertise work hand-in-hand with Northvolt colleagues, both at our plants in Straubing and on site in Gdansk.


Recently, Peter Carlsson, founder and CEO of Northvolt, and our Managing Director, Helmut Petzko, visited the factory and the team in Gdansk. Impressed by the progress of the installation work and the close cooperation, they are proudly looking forward to the coming weeks and the imminent production of the first battery packs.