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Markus Englram Memory game

In keeping with a cherished tradition, a selection of Strama-MPS employees recently played against SV Pfelling in a memorial match in memory of Markus Englram!


After a minute's silence for Markus Englram, who died suddenly on 30 October 2014 and had been employed at Strama-MPS in Straubing as a toolmaker and deputy works council chairman since 1986, the football match was kicked off!


In rainy weather, a fun and at all times fair game developed, in which the final score was basically irrelevant - but in the end the Strama team came out on top!


The Strama MPS was mainly made up of active footballers, while SV Pfelling was mainly made up of former footballers, including the 2nd mayor of Bogen, Josef Fisch.


Afterwards, players and spectators ended the afternoon in a cosy atmosphere with food and drink, just like Markus.