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Strama-MPS honours 23 long-standing employees for their loyalty to the company

Traditionally at the end of the year the management of Strama-MPS Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG invited all anniversary employees to a celebration at the Hotel ASAM to thank them for their many years of service and commitment. Six employees were also bid farewell to their well-deserved retirement.


The honours for the jubilees were presented by the former Strama-MPS plant manager Werner Schmidbauer, the two managing directors Herbert Wittl and Helmut Petzko as well as the chairman of the works council Josef Pielmeier. This year there were 23 employees who received honorary certificates for ten, 25 and 40 years of service with the company. The employees with 25 and 40 years of loyalty to the company were also awarded a silver medal.


Three anniversary employees were honored for 40 years of service to the company. One of them started his professional career with an apprenticeship at Strama-MPS and is still with the company today.Five employees were honoured for 25 years of loyalty to the company and a further 15 for their ten years of service.


Of the 23 employees celebrating the anniversary, 18 completed their training at Strama-MPS. All 15 employees who started their training in 2009 have remained loyal to the company. In the meantime, three of them have completed their studies. Despite the economic crisis in 2009, Strama-MPS continued to attach great importance to training young people, as this forms the basis for long-term, successful employment.


The loyalty of the employees to Strama-MPS was emphasized by Werner Schmidbauer, who himself celebrated his 50th anniversary eight years ago. The success story of Strama-MPS could not have been written without the experience of the long-standing employees.


If one adds the years of service of this year's anniversary employees, one looks at a total of 395 years together. This is only possible with mutual appreciation and is no longer a matter of course in today's fast-moving world. The former plant manager hopes that all employees at Strama-MPS will continue to contribute to further development for many years to come and closed with thanks for their performance. Six long-serving employees were also retired after nine, 18, 20, 22, 26 and 47 years in the company.


The celebration ended with delicious food and funny anecdotes from recent years.