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Corona crisis - zone and sector concept for the safety of our employees

Over the past few days, we have been intensively engaged in the question of how the responsible handling of the current corona pandemic can be implemented in the company. The great difficulty for every company is not being able to assess how the situation will develop. Will we be able to work again without any impairment in the summer or will we still be dealing with this issue in two years' time? This uncertainty demands careful and situational decisions every day. First and foremost, we have a great responsibility for the health of our employees and their families. On the other hand, we also have the task of continuing to process our customer orders on schedule with the accustomed Strama-MPS quality. 

For this reason we have developed a zone and sector concept, which should reduce the risk of infection in the company to a minimum. To protect our workforce, all plants have been divided into zones and these in turn into sectors. This greatly reduces the physical contact between colleagues. Within the Sectors, employees are still free to move around. In the event of a COVID 19 infection within the company, this reduces the risk of infection for the majority of employees and at the same time ensures less disruption to business operations. Through these measures we also want to secure the jobs of our employees.


The digitalization of the company also contributes to minimizing risks. We are well positioned for the home office due to the digital communication and collaboration possibilities introduced in the office environment. Employees can continue working from home in the digital workspace with virtually no restrictions, without having to be physically present in the company.