You feel at home in Straubing! Those who live here know what "being at home" means.

The city offers attractive locations with local recreational character, an excellent infrastructure and the best transport connections. Straubing offers its citizens excellent shopping facilities, a central network of all facilities for daily life as well as a healthy economic structure with good job opportunities.

An excellent range of care and education services characterises the school town of Straubing, from crèches to retirement homes, from primary schools to master's degree courses.


In Straubing Zoo, visitors can expect to see around 1,700 exotic and native animals in 200 species in the largest zoo in Eastern Bavaria. On a walk through the nature-oriented grounds you will find, among other things, an African enclosure with zebras, Watussi cattle and ostriches, a Danube aquarium, large enclosures for monkeys, bears, big cats and penguins, several playgrounds and a petting zoo.


From cinema to cycling, from hiking to bowling, Straubing offers a wide range of leisure activities - there is something for every taste.


In Straubing, cosiness and hospitality are combined in a special way with Bavarian cosmopolitanism.


The way of life of the people of Straubing finds its most beautiful expression in the "fifth season", the Gäuboden Folk Festival, the second largest folk festival in Bavaria. Every year in August, more than a million visitors come to the festival site.


Every four years, the story of "Agnes Bernauer" comes to life at the festival of the same name. The international music festival Bluval brings the city to life in September. And in winter, the Christmas market and nativity scene enchant visitors. See for yourself: The party offer in Straubing is as diverse as the city on the Danube itself!

First class sport

Top professional sports are offered by the Straubing Tigers in ice hockey, the Straubing Spiders in American football and the BC Straubing in boxing. 


Those who prefer to be active themselves have a lot to offer with around 100 sports clubs and as a health-plus region.


The AQUAtherm adventure pool invites you to bathe in the healing waters and in summer the Herzogstadtlauf, one of the largest mass sports events in Eastern Bavaria, attracts several thousand runners to Straubing every year. See for yourself: The party offer in Straubing is as diverse as the city on the Danube itself!


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