Test rigs

Antifriction bearing test rig / Slide bearing test rig

On this bearing test rig different types of antifriction and slide bearings or bearing/shaft combinations can be tested for wear or fatigue strength. A mechatronic actuator allows the dynamic simulation of the radial forces or deflection of the shaft during the test run. The measuring systems being integrated in the mechatronic actuator allow a precise application of force and displacement acting on the test bearing. For a shaft deflection change, the bearing brackets are manually adjustable via two carriage guides from the test bearing. Speed, torque, vibration, force, displacement, oil pressure, oil flow rate and temperature are continuously recorded during the test run and evaluated via the system control. Test runs are individually programmable via touch panel and the test results can be represented graphically.

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Technical Data

Speed: 0 to 100000rpm

Radial force: 0 to 20kN

Temperature: -40°C to 150°C

Dimensions: 1800mm x 600mm x 2000mm

Optional: Axial force

Optional: Force frequency <350Hz


Programmable bearing test rig

Variable speed

Variable force application

Variable adjustment of the shaft deflection

Vibration monitoring

Evaluation via LabVIEW



Axial force application, tilting/skewing of the bearing

Force frequency