Test rigs

Energy recovery in the power circuit

For testing gearboxes, shafts or clutches, the test rigs based on the principle of the closed power circuit are saving up to 95 % of energy compared to a brake test rig. The energy input flows between test gearbox and drive gearbox, which are connected by two torque shafts.

For the torque generation a load clutch is mounted onto one of the shafts.

After start-up the test energy – except the gearing and bearing losses – completely remains in the test circuit and the torsion motor only needs to refeed about 5 % of the energy loss.

Over the past years Strama-MPS has delivered about 200 test rigs that are based on the mechanical power circuit. In addition to the standardized FZG gear test rig, special test rigs e.g. for hypoid gearboxes, propshafts, load cycles or efficiency were developed and built.