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Recently, 12 high-level language developers from our Strama Group - seven from F & K DELVOTEC and five from Strama-MPS - met to share their knowledge.


The one-day workshop entitled "Current challenges in software development at the Strama Group" took place at F & K in Ottobrunn and aimed to promote cross-location cooperation between our application developers.


After getting to know each other, the day was packed with presentations, including one by Christoph Griesbeck (F & K Delvotec) on "Linux packaging" and "Logging 2.0" by Stefan Sator (Strama-MPS), as well as workshops on topics such as "Software work packages" and "Code quality".


In addition to a factory tour, Christoph Griesbeck introduced his software colleagues to the R & D world of bonding technology.


The programme was rounded off with a presentation by Jozo Lagetar (iVivid) on the topic of "From developers to developers, differences between mechanical engineering and software development".


Strong synergies of our Strama Group - the cross-company exchange was organised by our StramACADEMY in cooperation with our TU!