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Process Simulation

Our process simulation allows you to analyze, visualize and optimize your material flow, production processes and logistic processes. The Technology Unit relies on various simulation tools to provide the best support for all phases of the project from the beginning to end.

Services at a glance:

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Bidding phase/ Concept phase

Process simulations may even be used at the beginning of projecting, e.g.:

  • to analyze the output of a line concept 
  • to assess the decoupling parameters on the basis of the project layout (buffer) 
  • to assess the various investment levels, number of workpiece carriers/ AGVs etc. 
  • to analyze cycle times at the stations/ machines etc. 
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Engineering stage

During the engineering stage, a process simulation may also help finding solutions for questions regarding complex processes. 

  • ideation and investigation of alternative solutions
  • providing support for a sound decision-making process for the next process stages
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Virtual commissioning

The simulation tools used provide interfaces for virtual commissioning.

As an example, the real control system may be coupled with the simulation model in advance to thus test the software quality of the PLC. This is done before the actual onsite installation of the machine. 

Following please find some examples of questions that may be answered by process simulation

  • Which control strategy will lead to the desired result when linking various processes?
  • How many workpiece carriers are required for the desired output?
  • Will a buffer improve the output?
  • How is OEE affected by technical availability?
  • What is the optimum operating sequence of coupled modules within one station?
  • Are there critical bottlenecks in the machine?

Contact Persons

Martin Ebner

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Technology Unit

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Andreas Ebenbeck

Simulation Engineer

Technology Unit