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Process analyses

If we want to analyze a process, we first of all need to „take a close look“ at what‘s going on. Quite often, our ability to do so is limited by our senses. For that reason there is a growing need for support resources and/or industrial technologies. The Technology Unit offers solutions and support for the following fields:

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  • Specimen preparation
  • Specimen analysis
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Statistical analyses

  • Machine capability (MFU)
  • Measuring system capability (MSA/VDA 5)
  • Process capability (PFU)
  • OEE analysis


Capability analyses are carried out by Q-DAS software solutions as standard. Optionally, an evaluation via Minitab is also possible.

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Special analysis methods

  • Profinet: Diagnosis and measurement
  • Noise measurement
  • Laser power measurement
  • Other methods upon request


We help you to “take a close look” at your processes and provide you with information about your processes that offer solutions to enhance their capabilities. Should deviations
from the target quality occur, we also have a broad spectrum of process specialists who can support you in stabilizing your processes with well-founded technical analyses.

Contact Persons

Contact Persons

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Tobias Wagner

Senior Quality Engineer