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The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a system and risk analysis accompanying the development and planning. As an important methodological instrument the FMEA helps to localize potential failures at an early stage, preventing its occurrence already in advance (failure cost reduction!). 

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Scope of application

This applies to new concepts and developments as well as to the further development of products and processes. Already during the development and planning phase its maturity is methodically scrutinized and evaluated. At all critical points, the FMEA identifies appropriate measures by which implementation the risks were already reduced or are still to be minimized.  

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By means of a consistent structuring (APIS-FMEA-Software) of the systems and processes with its respective interrelationshipsthe FMEA improves the communication flow within the team and project work as well as the necessary knowledge transfer within the company. 

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Moderation and advice for FMEA

As an advisor or moderator (FMEA handling) your company additionally gains a recorded knowledge base by the detailed documentation, that provides efficient support for similar projects. 

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Martin Ebner

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Daniel K├Ârner

Method Specialist