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FEM Simulation

In order to meet the requirements of modern engineering processes it is of significant importance that the individual departments work simultaneously during the development process of the equipment. This also includes the simulation and calculation by means of FEM. This service is offered by the Technology Unit in all life-cycle phases of the project. 

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  • Strength (deformation, stress)
  • Buckling
  • Vibration analysis (natural frequencies)
  • Malleable deformations
  • Frictional contacts
  • Single parts and assemblies 
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  • Identifying critical processes
  • Identifying critical components 
  • Initiating simulation
  • Joint evaluation of the results 
  • Devising solutions 
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FEM Simulation results in:

  • Increase in innovation power
  • New standards in product quality 
  • Reduced costs and development times 

Contact Persons

Martin Ebner

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Technology Unit

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Roland Billmeier

Senior Mechanical Engineer