Digital Twin

In order to meet the requirements of modern engineering processes, it is vital that the various technical divisions are given the possibility to work simultaneously during the design manufacturing processes of our machines. For this purpose a platform for discussions is required. The Technology Unit offers solutions and support for the various stages of the project. 

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Concept stage

  • Availability and cycle times analyses 
  • Layout and design of material-handling system by means of process simulation 
  • Assessing the optimum number of workpiece carriers
  • Supporting the layout planning by means of digital models 
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Engineering stage

  • Offline programming of stations 
  • Virtual commissioning 
  • Determination of parameters for operator-safe robot control units
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Commissioning stage

  • Supporting installation and service with the help of relevant videos and kinematics models
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After Sales

  • Training on the basis of a virtual machine model 
  • Assessment of retrofits

Creation of the digital twin

For our interpretation of the term "digital twin" we require a virtual machine model which enables us to carry out a virtual commissioning of the machine in the early stages of the project. Adjustments to the conditions on site can additionally be done after the sucessful installation and commissioning so that it can consequently be used for the assessment of future retrofits as well as for training. 

Contact Persons

Martin Ebner

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Technology Unit

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Thomas Guggeis

Senior Simulation Engineer