Assembly and testing devices for control units

For years anti-lock braking systems have allowed us to brake safely in difficult situations and at the same time maintain steering control. Production, thus, needs to be able to react quickly and with maximum flexibility to any component changes and new requirements.

Assembly and testing lines

Our assembly and testing lines for ABS control units are well known for their innovative, lean processes and allow for quick and smooth integration of all types of ABS - both for passenger cars as well as for motor bikes. The main process of the ABS assembly machine is designed for fitting various individual components to an ABS housing. The machine combines manual, automatic and partially-automatic stations in a modular and space-saving layout so that individual adjustments can be made quickly at any time. 


Test rigs

Our test rigs are used to carry out function checks for ABS control units with an accuracy of 100%. A conveyor belt feeds the correctly positioned components to the rig. A DMC-code scanner detects the type of the component and/or selects the respective test program.


A robot is used to fully automatically load and unload the test fixtures. Electric contacting of the components is done with the help of pneumatic cylinders. Once the function check has been completed, the robot removes the component and places it onto a discharge conveyor which then feeds it to the next process step. If the component fails to pass the function check, it will be automatically rejected so that the component is not processed any further.

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