Assembly of components for medical technology

Planning, production and assembly of your assembly - all from one source

As an established special machine builder with a high level of vertical integration, we offer you a wide range of machining processes and assembly services. From milling, turning, grinding, welding and painting to assembly and quality assurance. We supply you with a product tested for quality and ready packaged.

Assembly of components at Strama-MPS


  • 100% In-house quality assurance


  • In-house production with over 320 employees


  • Wide range of surface and heat treatment options
    through broad supplier network


  • Possibility to create measurement protocols


  • More than 75 years of experience in special machine construction


  • Manufacturing and assembly expertise for both small and large batches

Assembly of components in clean room

Strama-MPS assembles and packages your assembly for medical technology in compliance with the required quality standards. To meet the high hygiene requirements, Strama-MPS has clean rooms according to ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 8 available for the implementation of your projects.


Our assembly environment is defined by:


  • Use of sterilized tools during assembly


  • Sterile assembly under clean room conditions


  • Clean room packaging to protect against contamination


  • Wearing of appropriate protective clothing for maximum product safety


    Manufacturing possibilities within Strama-MPS

    Benefit from the high vertical range of manufacture at Strama-MPS.

    Based on your individual requirements, we manufacture and assemble both mechatronic individual assemblies and complete assembly systems.


    • Milling 3-axis
    • Milling 4-axis
    • Milling 5-axis
    • Boring mills
    • Eroding machine


    • Turning/milling center
    • CNC lathes
    • Cycle lathes
    • Grinding machines

    Welding/painting and more.

    • Welding shop
    • Cutting
    • Paint shop
    • Burnishing
    • Quality assurance
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