Swivel-mounted hydraulic clamping units for max. clamping power and 360° handling

Each clamping unit is equipped with two rotary plates positioned at a center distance of 220 mm. The rotary plates have a 360° swivel range and their positions are mechanically locked. Thus, all sides of a part can be machined without the part needing to be re-clamped. In order to allow individual clamping sequences, three separate clamping circuits have been integrated in as small a space as possible.  The parts can be oriented relative to all reference points in a three-dimensional space. A high clamping power ensures that the parts are securely fastened in the clamping units. The clamping pressure can be adjusted in the individual clamping circuits and can be set depending on the product to be handled. Chips are transported vertically

through openings within the clamping unit. Due to the straightforward design of the change parts and the low change-over effort required, the units can be used in a variety of settings. The entire clamping unit is equipped with a quick-change-over system. Ingress of coolant and dirt particles is effectively prevented by means of sealing air. A central lubrication system guarantees maintenance-free and continuous operation. The piston position and/or the clamping position are monitored by means of an external analog position measuring system. In order to avoid packing of chips due to external piping, all oil lines are integrated in the main body.