Test rigs

Bevel gear test stand

The bevel gear test stand makes it possible to check bevel gear sets of different sizes for wear and fatigue strength.

Electric drive initiate the rotary motion at the drive side (motor) and the brake torque at the output side (generator). This concept makes it possible to operate the test stand in an extremely energy-efficient way.

The center distances and shaft angles between the bevel gears can be individually adjusted using the control unit.

During the test run the rotation speed, the torque, the vibration, the oil pressure, the oil flow rate and the temperature are continuously recorded and evaluated via the system control unit. The test runs can be individually programmed using the touch panel.

The workpiece arbors are equipped with a telemetry system for measuring the tooth root bending via DMS.

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Technical Data

Power: 2 x 156 kw

Speed range (max.): 12,000 rpm

Torque 1 (max): 400 Nm at 1,000 rpm – 4,500 rpm

Torque 2 (max): 100 Nm at 12,000 rpm


Please note: Performance data can be adapted to the respective requirements.


Programmable bevel gear test stand

Variable rotation speed and variable torque

Variable setting of the shaft angle and the

center distance

Scuffing and pitting detection

Efficiency measurement

Oil lubrication