Machining centers

ProMoCut® 4-Station machining center for wheel hubs

This production machine for drilling and thread cutting of wheel hubs is integrated into a complete production line. The handling of the workpiece carrier takes the wheel hubs automatically, to place them into an aligning station and to align them radially. By means of an angular handling with swivel unit the wheel hubs are transferred to the machining center. On Station 2 and Station 3 provided with multi-spindle heads the core holes are drilled and the thread cut. On Station 4 the core hole and the thread M6 are made one after the other. The tools are monitored by structure-borne noise sensors. After machining the wheel hubs are removed from the production machine and placed into a brushing station.  Here the drilling burrs are brushed off, the finished wheel hubs put onto the workpiece carrier and the workpiece carrier set to OK or NOK.


Machining sequence:

Station 1: Automatic loading and unloading of unmachined parts

Station 2: Drilling core hole

Station 3: Thread cutting

Station 4: Drilling and thread cutting


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Technical Data

Cycle time per piece: 8.0 sec

Noise development: 75 +-2dB (A)

Machine capability: Cmk 1.67

Availability: >95%

Required space:

without handling: LxW = 4.5m x 3.5m

with handling: LxW = 4.5m x 5.0m


Complete machining in one cycle

Hydraulically lifting and locking rotary table with a

repetition accuracy of 3 arc seconds and maximum stiffness

Highly dynamic rotary table with servo-drives

Broken tool detector via structure-borne noise sensor system

Central lubrication for all linear roller bearing and guideway assemblies and ball screw drives