Machining centers

Special production machine for cams

Camshafts in the motor and utility vehicle industry are increasingly assembled. The advantages are obvious:

  • Maximum geometrical flexibility
  • Combinability of materials
  • Weight
  • Manufacturing costs, etc.

Prior to the joining process the inner contour of the forged, surface hardened cams of rolling bearing steel has to be machined. For this purpose Strama-MPS builds high-efficiency production machines providing maximum type flexibility.

Leiter Vertrieb
Georg Pelg
Phone: +49 9421 739 - 209
Fax: +49 9421 739 - 6209

Technical Data

Cycle time < 2 seconds (depending on cam type)

2-spindle, synchronized machining

Controlled facing head

Integrated inline measurement

Full automatic tool path correction (wear compensation and utilization of the insert until the wear limit is reached)

4-fold NC-driven broaching


NC-controlled internal boring

NC-controlled broaching

Minimum quantity lubrication

Downstream cleaning and demagnetizing

Remote maintenance possible

All machine elements centrally lubricated (incl. boring head)