Machining centers

Increased automation for machining

Profitability comes first for us

The high productivity of Strama-MPS machine tools mostly requires an equally efficient automation of parts feeding and parts handling. Adapted to your production flow we find the most profitable and efficient solution.

Perfect integration into your processes

Strama-MPS provides a space-saving integration of their machining centers and at the requested cycle time for all production processes. Depending on the parts feeding or the time targets the workpieces are manually positioned or automatically via handling or robots. Combinations of both methods are also possible.

Unmachined parts are often available as bulk material. Due to longer times of unattended machining it is stockpiled by means of hopper conveyors, sorted, separated and put into a defined position for loading onto the machine. Within interlinked processes the parts are often delivered on interlinked systems, either on workpiece carriers, in blisters, in trays or in bulk and randomly.

Examples of different input and output handlings