E-motor assembly

E-motor assembly line

Boundless flexibility by modular design

Strama-MPS offers turnkey and flexible assembly lines for the automatic assembly of electric motors.

Thanks to the high degree of standardization employed in our assembly lines the engineering work is reduced to a minimum, thus enabling us to guarantee shortest delivery times.

We offer the design, engineering, manufacturing and start-up of all manufacturing processes for the assembly of e-motors or e-axles:

Manufacturing processes:

  • Automatic loading and unloading of single and finished parts
  • Joining or pressing of bearings and seals
  • Gearbox assembly
  • Inverter assembly
  • Gluing or welding
  • Bolting
  • EoL test

Produktmanager E-Mobility (Powertrain und Prüfstände)
Christoph Wolf
Phone: +49 9421 739 - 164
Fax: +49 9421 739 - 6164


All processes from one source

Modular design

MES connection

Short delivery times