Cleaning machines

ProMoClean® Cleaning machine

Flexible boundary-less: the linear, modular ProMoClean

The single system modules of our linear cleaning machine ProMoClean® are quickly and flexibly combinable with the robot cell RoboClean for the necessary processes. It is inline capable and expendable or relocatable in little time.


Maximum productivity with plug & play!

The productivity of ProMoClean® is provided by high performance, absolutely reliable quality and minimized standstill periods. Furthermore, the investment protection is also another essential criterion for the profitability of a cleaning machine. What to do, when the basic conditions change overnight? When the parts design is changing or additional cleaning processes become necessary?

Due to the linear and modular design of ProMoClean® you save cost-intensive adaptions or may even avoid buying of a new machine. The single system modules of ProMoClean® for cleaning, high pressure deburring, rinsing, hot-air drying or conserving are always regroupable. Shortest retooling times from two up to three days enable you now to respond even more quickly to the changed surrounding conditions.



With modular design into the future

This is the way to produce in the 21st century! ProMoClean® meets all demands made by product management and manufacturing for modern mechanical engineering: Reusability and adaptability, possibly short times for process integration, extension, relocation and start-up. Standardized plug & play components provide the basis for autonomous and individually combinable modules. Development expenditure is reduced and in addition, continuously high quality is guaranteed.


The concept of our machines and equipment is defined by both your product-dependent specifications and the focus on maximized standardization. In any other case we will gladly discuss with you your individual special solution. Here you may contact our Inside Sales Service.

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Technical Data

Cycle time 36 sec for 4 pieces

4 pieces per station

Availability 95%

Noise level 75 db(A) with sound insulating housing

High pressure with 600 bar

Tank capacity 450 liters each

Interchangeable parts for clamping of the different injector bodies


Linear and indexed for maximum flexibility

First in - First out

Space-saving design

Simple and reliable mechanism

Lance technology for specific cleaning

Transfer design

Expandable anytime

Process variability (different cleaning steps)

Variable processing parameters (type, arrangement and number of nozzles, jet performance, kinematics)