Cleaning machines

OrbitClean® Rotary table machine

Our classic OrbitClean® is running smoothly and absolutely reliable for many years

For more than ten years we have developed and realized cleaning machines in rotary design. Whether with six or eight stations our classic OrbitClean® achieves the most stringent specifications of cleanliness around the world. The compact design creates space in your production and provides shorter cycle times.


Field test successfully passed

Our rotary table machine OrbitClean® has already been put into operation several dozen times. Worldwide it provides maximum cleaning results at a high number of pieces and all that within extremely efficient cycle times. Absolute reliability and long maintenance intervals increase the availability. OrbitClean® gets involved especially when for the operating time of the machine no essential modifications of the parts geometries and sizes as well as no significant changes of the manufacturing sequences are to be expected. Space-saving integration of six up to eight processes into the rotary table, whereas every cleaning and rinsing station is equipped with separate media and filtration technology. Manual or automated loading and unloading at one point.


The concept of our machines and equipment is defined by both your product-dependent specifications and the focus on maximized standardization. In any other case we will gladly discuss with you your individual special solution. Here you may contact our Inside Sales Service.

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Georg Pelg
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Technical Data

Cycle time approx. 40 sec

4 parts per station

Availability 95%

Noise level 75 db(A) with sound insulating housing

Spray pressure up to 40 bar for cleaning

Spray pressure up to 1000 bar for high-pressure deburring

Vacuum drying <10 mbar

Tank capacity 450 liters each


Field-proven for maximum cleanness

Indexed rotary table

Drying through heated blowing air or side channel blower

Chamber separation and separate tank technology

Interchangeable parts for clamping of the different injector bodies