Cleaning machines

Modular cleaning machine concepts

ProMoClean® (Productive Modular Cleaning Technology) is a new universal cleaning machine generation emphasizing the importance of flexibility and productivity. 

In spite of turbulent environmental influences our customers are compelled to take long-term and only hardly reversible allocation decisions. The conditions involved are often changing abruptly. The new situation requires quick and low-cost actions. Events for the changing basic requirements can be for example:


  • Higher demands on cleanness by the end user
  • Products are subject to chip buildup due to other (low cost) suppliers
  • Products are not free of burrs due to other premachining
  • Parts are not sufficiently dry
  • Production site is relocated


The modular concept allows within the shortest retooling times (approx. 2-3 days) the integration of additional modules at the requested position in the cleaning process. For higher cleanness an additional rinsing module with an own media tank and additional filter technology can be integrated. Freedom from burrs is also achieved with a high pressure module and the requested dryness is obtained with a vacuum module (< 10mbar). Additionally, the high mobility of these machines allows easy and cost favourable relocations.