Assembly and testing technology

ProMoScript® Laser marking system Compact

ProMoScript® Compact combines all processes from handling to cleaning and suctioning and finally to aligning, marking and testing of rotation-symmetrically parts at large quantities on the enveloping and front surface with human-readable text, bar code or data matrix code. This compact system is space-saving in production, works of course in compliance with the cycle of preceding and following working steps and is 100 % reliable. Individual solutions often are uneconomical, standard solutions are favourable, but not 100 % customized. ProMoScript is our way of overcoming this dilemma. Besides the 8-station rotary table machine, our manual workplace ProMoScript® Basic is appropriate for simple applications and smaller quantities.

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Technical Data

Space-saving rotary transfer machine for cleaning, marking and testing of components

Simultaneous marking of 2 components

Designed for rotation-symmetrically parts at large quantities

Marking of front and enveloping surface (360°)

Machine cell of aluminium sections

Tolerance of marking in rotational position ± 1°

Positioning accuracy of the marking ± 0,05 mm

Position recognition and orientation by camera system resp. actuators

Variable marking for similar component geometries

Different marking layouts maintained in the control system

Type recognition on blister by bar code

Inline (connection to central computer) or stand-alone


Equipment dimensions: 1.7 m x 1.2 m x 2.4 m

Voltage supply: 230 / 400 V

Nominal current consumption: 10 A

Control voltage: 24 V

Weight: 2300 kg

Compressed-air supply: 5 bar

Laser Rofin Sinar M 100 D with 2 galvo heads and beam switch

Image processing system "DMC countercheck" Cognex Insight 5110

Image processing system "Component alignment" Cognex Insight 5100