Assembly and testing technology

ProMoScript® Laser marking system Basic

Manual workplace for small quantities

Whether human-readable text, bar code or data matrix code – ProMoScript® Basic is very versatile and can be used quickly for all kinds of product identification, in particular for marking of rotation-symmetrically parts on the enveloping and front surface. This independent manual workplace is especially suitable for smaller quantities without the necessity of a visual checking. Here you will find information on our ProMoScript® Compact rotary table machine with integrated sub-processes like cleaning or testing.

In any other case we will gladly discuss with you your individual special solution. Economical and quick by standardized components, with maximum flexibility and performance by tailored engineering. Here you may contact our Inside Sales Service.

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Compact 2-Station tilting table system

Workpiece size up to 120 mm x 120 mm

Completely enclosed manual workplace

Simultaneous loading and marking

Machine cell of aluminium sections

Designed for rotation-symmetrically parts at small quantities

Marking of front and enveloping surface (360°)

Tolerance of marking in rotational position ±1°

Positioning accuracy of the marking ±0.05 mm

Variable marking for similar component geometries

Different marking layouts maintained in the control system

Type recognition on blister by bar code

Inline (connection to central computer) or stand-alone