Assembly and testing technology

ProMoCell® Standard assembly cell

The modular assembly system ProMoCell® is designed as universal modular system by means of which single stations as well as complex automated and semi-automated assembly and testing facilities can be built. The central base unit is a locating module to which a switch cabinet module with control panel will be connected. The locating module is flexible and thus adaptable to the size of the products to be handled. The specific assembly and testing processes are carried out on process modules. The size of these modules will be dimensioned in accordance with the requirements.


  • Locating module
  • control module
  • process module
  • robot module
  • test rig module (software application)
  • ProMoChange® (workpiece carrier quick-change system)


The concept of our machines and equipment is defined by both your product-dependent specifications and the focus on maximized standardization. In any other case we will gladly discuss with you your individual special solution. Here you may contact our Inside Sales Service.

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Technical Data

Typical workpiece carrier weight: approx. up to 20kg

Workpiece carrier sizes: 80mm x 80mm to 320mm x 400mm

Cycle time: >2s

Control: SIMATIC S7

Optional control systems: Beckhoff, Bosch-Rexroth

Cell size: 1200mm x 1500mm to 2400mm x 2000mm


Modular system

Combination possibilities


Flexible allocation of tasks between man and machine

Process modules offer more flexibility and optimize the equipment availability for product or process changes

Standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces allow a quick and easy conversion of the equipment

A strict separation of process, basic design and control allow a flexible adaptation to customer standards and different control concepts.