Assembly and testing technology

MonFlex® Highly flexible assembly AGV system

MonFlex® is a highly flexible AGV system that enables flexible setup of order-picking and assembly areas and interlinking if required. The system is available in different configurations. For the version with AGVS host computer an active routing with traffic control is made via the host computer. The vehicles communicate in real-time with the AGVS host computer via a WLAN connection. In this way the direct implementation of the functions like block securing and electronic drawbar is possible. Interfaces to the integrated automated stations are directly implemented via the TCP/IP connection. Power transmission is made via a non-contact pickup system. Additionally, the AGV are equipped with a 24V battery pack, so that a supply via the pickup system does not have to be ensured completely. In connection with the optical tracking the circuit is adaptable to changed requirements very quickly and with very little effort.

Peter Zornow
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Technical Data

Dimensions 1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m

Loading up to 400 kg, total weight up to 800 kg

Power supply: Inductive coupling with additional battery pack for 5-hour operation

Energy saver mode

Control: CoDeSys

External communication via WLAN TCP/IP protocol

Optical camera tracking

Positioning accuracy 3mm in x and y direction

Large speed range 1.5 m/min – 27 m/min

Curve radius ≥ 1m

Safety scanner with switchable protection zones

Visualization of vehicle status on touch display (optional)

Parametrization of route information via the visualization (optional)

Supports for fork lift arms for easy lifting/transporting of the AGV with fork lift /lift truck

Enclosure IP 54


Linking of different assembly areas

Active routing “switch control“

AGV coupled via “electronic drawbar“

Recording and visualization of the AGV status in real-time